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Precision Excavating and Earthworks for Your Projects

Precision Excavating Solutions

Building the Foundation for Your Vision

From site preparation and earthworks to expert grading and tree removal, our excavating services set the stage for seamless and successful projects. Trust our team of skilled professionals to handle every detail with precision and expertise, ensuring your outdoor spaces come to life just as you’ve imagined.

Digging Deep for Your Dreams

Transforming Landscapes, One Excavation at a Time

Our excavating contractors are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to tackle any excavation task with efficiency and accuracy. Whether it’s creating drainage systems, regrading, or preparing sites for construction, we are committed to delivering outstanding results that exceed your expectations.

Pond Excavation Expertise

Crafting Serene Water Features

Let us bring tranquility to your property with our pond excavation services. Whether you envision a small backyard oasis or a grand water feature, our team has the experience and knowledge to create stunning ponds that harmonize perfectly with your landscape.

Professional Site Clearing

Clearing the Path to Possibility

Before starting your next project, let our expert team handle the site clearing process. We efficiently remove unwanted debris and vegetation, leaving you with a clean canvas to embark on your outdoor journey with confidence.


Our Clients’ Rave Reviews

As a contractor, I’ve worked with numerous excavating companies, but none compare to the level of expertise and professionalism provided by Northern Outdoor Services. Their attention to detail and commitment to meeting project deadlines are unparalleled.

Eric S. (Contractor)

Northern Outdoor Services’ site clearing services made way for our dream home. They efficiently cleared the area, leaving it ready for construction. Their team’s expertise and reliability made the process stress-free.

Anna and John T.

Northern Outdoor Services’ excavation expertise was instrumental in our commercial development project. They tackled complex site preparation with precision, and their attention to detail ensured a seamless construction process.

Mike H.

I’m thrilled with the results of our recent earthworks project completed by Northern Outdoor Services. Their bobcat services and precision work helped us create the ideal foundation for our outdoor retreat.

Michael D.

Our pond excavation project was a complete success, thanks to Northern Outdoor Services. They not only delivered a stunning water feature but also made sure it blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. We couldn’t be happier!

Robert M.

Northern Outdoor Services went above and beyond in transforming our backyard into a functional outdoor living space. Their excavating team handled the regrading and drainage systems with meticulous precision, ensuring we have a landscape that is both beautiful and practical.

Grading & Resloping Perfection

Smooth and Level Transitions

For level landscapes and smooth transitions, our grading and resloping services deliver impeccable results. Count on our team to create the ideal canvas for your landscaping dreams to flourish.

Bobcat Services and Earthworks

Versatile Solutions for Your Project

With our bobcat services and earthworks, we take on projects of all scales. From small digging tasks to larger earthmoving projects, our versatile solutions cater to your unique needs with professionalism and expertise.